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This website will show most of our creative works, lifelong projects and developments for Composing & Recording Artist: Gregory W. Kemmis.

Since 2018, Kemmis has been member of a Broadcast Music Inc., (A Performing Rights Organization). To learn more about how you can register as a member of BMI, please click on the button below.

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If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks life throws at you, we understand. It can be a complicated process when you're first embracing a new journey, and we don't want you to face the storms alone.

Sometimes people just need guidance on what to do next, which is why we offer flexible options for Artist Coaching.

We can also help out by supporting you with Songwriting Services, and ofcourse meet your Video Production project requirements, typically faster than most any firm on the market.

Please see our pages and/or their documents to consider what we provide; we're always happy to help out and support you!


We have experience with almost every form of Media available.

From Songwriting, Creative Projects & Design...
to all forms of Production & Editing with both Audio and Video.

We'd like to prove this to you by sharing photos, descriptions and links to our highlighted projects (both archived and current works).

Please click on the Gallery button to view our experiences, and how to consider us for your next few projects. (Membership may be required for certain assistance.)

Each of the following materials may be subjected to one or more applicable protections under Copyright Laws. In addition, only certain materials are eligible for user contributions.


We are a small team of musicians dedicated to our craft, while trying to make a difference towards everyday individuals and how they listen to music. What makes up different is our focus on story-telling as the primary objective.

We've had our shares of listening to music, for the sole purposes of monetizing artists with unsympathetic attitudes or purposes behind their songs.

We recognize this as a strategy to gain popularity which has been enacted for several decades, only making it harder to maintain both music fans and an authentic reputation regarding the musicians and/or their labels' representatives.

We've retained over a decade of experience alone with composition and production, as just a few of our talents, and are hopeful to contribute towards your potential success!


We strive towards impacting multiple audiences, with expectations that it will reach someone and change their life. Because we enjoy diverse ranges of visitors, we developed a Community Engagement page offering different methods of support.

This page provides all members and visitors informational overviews regarding our Terms of Service. Once your Membership has been approved and activated, you may participate in our Group Chats.

General questions and concerns are also initiated on this page, by visiting the sections allowing visitors and members to Contact Us.


If you are interested in joining us as a team-member, please note that we are just getting started with our website community and all the projects we are planning to perform.

We could always use additional help, so to be considered for selection, please visit the Careers button to get an expectations overview.

We thank you in advance for your interest!

Hours of Support:

We are consistently welcoming guests into our community, while mantaining their needs.
Therefore, we have set the following hours in place, to accomedate our staff wishing to support you.

Day of the Week: Opening Time: Closing Time: Time Zone:
SUNDAY:5:00 PM8:00 PMPacific Standard Time
MONDAY:12:00 PM8:00 PMPacific Standard Time
TUESDAY:12:00 PM8:00 PMPacific Standard Time
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Client Portal:

Please visit the appropriate sections of our Client Portal, depending upon what type of visitor you are.


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Contribute To Our Music as a Guest:

Not everyone has the budget, nor interest in production-related services... though we try to keep our prices low.

Many do, however, "leave the table without a tip" making us work even harder.

We have big plans ahead and we want to share them with you.

Go here to contribute to our projects:

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This section shows viewers one of the best few ways to get ahold of us, outside of emails. Our e-mail accounts are reserved for sales and support only, and may not always be immediately available.

For the most up-to-date information, please follow our growing network on Twitter.
Additionally, should you seek to join our connections on LinkedIn... you may also choose to. Ofcourse, you may hear all our available discography, even the ones that are exclusive on Spotify. Please join our Facebook Artist Page if you like what you hear.


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